Thursday, January 2, 2014

Liquefying Chocolate The Proper Way

Liquefied chocolate is often necessary to heat a savory cake or create a simply irresistible topping for an ice cream. While most folk incline to put small solemnity on the process, the liquefying of chocolate has to be done just right to promise flavor retention and consistency.

What they do not realize is that not melting the chocolate in the right manner could really affect its texture. If you wish your chocolate to be smooth, silky and of the right consistency then you should make sure that you melt the chocolate in the right way. Here are one or two tips that will help you with the same.

The basic and the most essential thing that you cannot do without when melting chocolates is heat. If you believe that melting chocolates on high flame will liquefy them at once, you are mistaken. Do not be in a rush to get the work done at the earliest and put the chocolates on high flame. This will only do more harm than good as it can destroy the real taste of the chocolate. The very best way to melt a chocolate is to melt it on minimal flame.

It has been observed that the best melting of chocolates happens at a temperature which is between 85 degrees and 90 degrees. Also, do not make the mistake of upping the temperature beyond 115 degrees. This is because in such a situation, the chocolate can become grainy, watery and sometimes even lumpy. A milk chocolate again has different melting requirements. Unlike the regular chocolates, milk chocolates melt simply and therefore the process should be done at even low temperature.

To make sure that your chocolate does not form mounds, it is advised that you break it into pieces. This may not just ensure quicker melting of the chocolate but also offer a smoother consistency. Break the chocolate into small pieces with your hands or chop it approximately. If you have time, you can even grate the chocolate for better results.

You want to be cautious while stirring the chocolate and also try not whisk it too much. Be gentle with it and use the right spatula when stirring it. The rubber spatulas are better for mixing melted chocolate as opposed to their wooden opponents.

Wooden spatulas tend to keep moisture that would affect the standard of the chocolate and its taste too. Also, make sure that the spatula used to stir chocolate hasn't been used for any strong sauces or cooking vegetables. Make sure that the spatula is absolutely dry.

At last , don't cover the pan in which you are liquefying the chocolate. This may cause the chocolate vapors to condense on the lid and fall into the pan again. This can spoil the feel of the chocolate.

Keep these straightforward things under consideration and you will be dazzled to see the results.

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