Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Homemade Wedding Cakes Are A Piece Of Cake

Homemade cake recipes are everywhere on the world wide web, including on my website.? Do not attempt to make your own wedding cake unless you have SOME experience with baking and decorating. Make a test cake months ahead to make sure that this is something that you can and want to do.

Making wedding cake recipes from scratch is not that difficult. Take it from me. I have been doing this for over 25 years now. The very first of my homemade wedding cakes was a carrot cake recipe and it was a scratch cake. Homemade wedding cakes are simply the best.

I admit to using a mix (Pillsbury) for large quantity baking at a banquet hall years ago for the white cake. The customers were used to the fluffy mix, which is not so easy to get with a dense rich butter cake. I did make up for it with great homemade fillings though. Like English lemon curd, decadent chocolate mousse, white chocolate and raspberries and many other wonderful flavors.

Whether you are a DYI bride, professional pastry chef or an amateur baker making homemade wedding cakes for friends and family, these tips may help.


Try to stick with a simple homemade cake recipe such as a cake that doesn't require a lot of fancy steps. A dump cake recipe is a good choice.

I know it doesn't sound so good but dump cake recipes are basically the cakes that have one requirement. All ingredients get dumped into the bowl at once and mixed. And that's it. What could be easier than that?

Have all of your ingredients measured out and at room temperature before you start the process of putting it all together.

Making a wedding cake if taken in steps is just a matter of multiplying your favorite homemade cake recipe and baking them off in larger pans.

Fill the pans 1/2 to 1/3 full. You can fill a pan a little more if using a lighter batter a little less when using a heavier batter. This is the part that you will need to judge as you gain experience.

Always grease, flour and put parchment or wax paper along the bottom of the pans.

Always let the cakes cool completely before covering and storing.

You will need cardboard circles to put under each cake for support when lifting and moving the cakes.

You need to decide how many layers your cakes will be before baking, you can bake each layer separately or cut your cakes in half to make two layers. ( It depends on how deep your pans are and how much you fill them as to how many layers you get out of each cake.

For wedding cakes I prefer using a two layer cake with one layer of filling because it keeps the cake a little more stable. But you will need to figure out your preferences.

DYI brides if you have questions regarding your wedding cake and how to go about making one, please feel free to visit my site and ask me anything.

I have homemade wedding cake recipes at my website for you such as chocolate buttermilk cake, a 123 wedding cake recipe and a lots more, plus my tried and true fillings, and frostings. I can even help you with your fondant cake decorating questions.

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